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Drapers Organic
Organic cotton and natural hemp products. Includes range of organic cotton sanitary and nursing pads.
Earthwise GirlsEarthwise Girls
Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
Reusable sanitary towels, menstrual cups and sponges, and the Natracare range of organic cotton disposable pads and tampons.
Eco Menstrual
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Washable & reusable menstrual products. Includes pads (some organic), menstrual cups and sponge tampons.
Stroud, Gloucestershire.
Online eco-friendly supermarket. Bodycare section includes Natracare organic cotton tampons, towels and pant-liners.
Feminine WearFeminine Wear
Reusable menstrual products including cloth sanitary towels, menstrual cups and sea sponges.
The Femmecup is a soft, reusable, menstrual cup made from FDA approved, medical grade silicone.
French Letter
Fairtrade condoms.
Goodness Direct
Daventry, Northamptonshire.
Includes range of Natracare organic towels and tampons, Mooncup and organic feminine wipes.
Green Jelly
Great Chesterford, North Essex.
Large range of modern cloth nappies (some organic). Also Mooncup reusable menstrual cup.
Honour Your Flow
Northern England.
Natural and organic washable pads and tampons.
Jam Sponge
Natural sea sponge, re-useable tampons.
Kittykins Cloth Nappies
Bramfield, Suffolk.
Organic/ethical baby products. Includes washable sanitary towels and the Mooncup.
Lunette silicone menstrual cups.
The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup around two inches long and made from soft silicone rubber. It is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing.
MoontimesMoon Times
Organic cotton washable sanitary towels and panty liners.
Natural collectionNatural Collection
Large range of ecologically considered products including organic cotton and fair trade clothing and accessories, homeware and gardenware, energy-saving gadgets, organic cosmetics, eco cleaning products and more.
Naturebotts. think the world of your babyNaturebotts
Natural products for baby. Includes Natracare organic tampons, pads and panty shields.
Nature's BoutiqueNature's Boutique
Prenton, Merseyside.
Natural and cruelty free skincare, cosmetics, gifts and accessories.
Plush Pants
Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
Washable real cloth nappies and natural products for mother & baby. Includes Wemoon washable menstrual pads and the Mooncup.
Real Choice Nappies
Stockport, Cheshire.
Real nappies and accessories, advice and support. Also washable sanitary pads.
Snazzy Pants
North Scarle, Lincolnshire
Includes washable sanitary towels and natracare organic cotton tampons and towels.
So Organic
On-line supermarket. Includes Natracare organic pads, tampons, liners and feminine wipes.
Spirit of NatureSpirit of Nature
Natural and environmentally friendly products. Includes Natracare towels, tampons and panty shields.
There Must be a Better Way
Reading, Berkshire.
Includes Mooncup and Natracare organic cotton tampons, pads and liners.
Twinkle TwinkleTwinkle on the Web
Real nappy advice and sales. For Mum page includes the Mooncup, Sea Pearls natural sea sponge tampons and washable pads and pant liners.





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